About Pot Hanging

About Bloomnpots – Pot Hanging

  • Supporting people with disabilities
  • Creating employment for people with disabilities
  • A Social Community Initiative

Clay Pot Hanging is great fun, and you can be sure to have a beautiful display of flowers outside your home 365 days of the year.

The Pot Hanger works on the same principle as a hanging basket, BUT more fun.

  • Change the Pot to display flowers in bloom, not the basket
  • Hang Herbs in season outside your kitchen
  • Bring Pots inside

In May 1998, our new hanging baskets were hung up, looked beautiful and lasted 3 months, Irish Summer over. Annoyed that nothing else would look good in a hanging basket, we started planting up terracotta pots with herbs, hanging strawberries and flowers so that we would always have something eatable, usable or beautiful outside the house once we got home.

Then the thoughts started:

  • Can you tie up a clay pot
  • Could you screw a pot onto the wall
  • How could you hang up multiple pots

A template was developed in conjunction with the manufacturers of one terracotta pot, tested in our lovely Irish weather with modest winds of 100 mph, slight rain blowing horizontally, mild flooding, -16c to +16c temperatures. As everyone knows Ireland is only damp 340+ days of the year.

One template broke due to a ladder hitting it and causing €2k damage to the car, the remaining 35 units, are still hanging up, with herbs, strawberries and flowers working away. Not bad for 15 years.

In 2013 Ben Bernie from Kilcannon Garden Centre (Enniscorthy) and I, wanted a new project to be developed for service users to be able to do, and we have now turned pothanging.com into a commercial development designed to employ people classified with a disability into assisting in the manufacture of the units.

This project is been run by cwcwe.ie and MarketIreland.ie



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