Care Services



Residential Services

CWCW(E) Ltd provides residential accommodation for 31 individuals on a permanent basis, plus another 5 Respite beds. The four houses are: Beech Haven House, Bellefield Hostel, Lyre House and Loyola.
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  Respite Service

The Respite Service run by CWCW (Enniscorthy) Ltd offers a much needed break for those with disability and their families or carers. The house in Enniscorthy was opened in November 2009 to accommodate five guests and team of staff comprising of a Team Leader, Staff Nurse and Care Staff. It is currently opened 12 days per fortnight and caters for adults of all ages. Altogether there are about 100 adults who avail of this service covering a wide area including Wexford, New Ross, Bunclody, Gorey and Enniscorthy.
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St. Anthony’s Pre-School   St. Anthony’s Unit –
Day Care Services

At present this Early Intervention Pre-School is fully funded by the HSE and in accordance with regulations operates as a fully registered Sessional Pre-School four mornings per week catering for the various needs of nine children and staffed by a Play Leader and two Care Assistants.

All children who attend have been referred from the various HSE professionals. The Liaison Nurse Coordinator for Children with Learning Disability is the link between the professionals, parents and the Pre-School.
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Training Services

CWCW(E) Ltd has been delivering Training Programmes since 1986 when 12 trainees began a part-time Skillbase Training Programme. 
Two Training Programmes are currently being delivered by CWCW(E) Ltd and Kilcannon Industries Ltd. Click here for more

Vocational Training

The aim of Vocational Training is that students will progress on to employment or further education and training. This is a FAS funded programme and the students have the opportunity to gain certification in 4 practical areas horticulture, catering, retail and office skills.

Rehabilitative Training

Programme focuses on the development of an individual’s core life skills, social skills and basic work skills.  The aim of the programme is to equip trainees with the skills required to increase their level of independence in everyday life thus enabling them to achieve an improved quality of life and a greater level of participation in mainstream society.
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Beech Haven Day Care

Beech Haven Day Care has been running at its present purpose built centre since April 1997. Originally it was run from temporary accommodation in Loyola from its inception in Dec 1995. The service caters for the retirement group in CWCW (E) Ltd., which amounts to 14 people at present. The age span is from late 40’s to the 70’s. Quite a number of the group were previously in either the workshop or St. Anthony’s, but some people have come from different parts of the county.
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St. Anthony’s Unit was set up in 1981 as a day activity centre to cater for people with moderate intellectual disabilities. Today the unit provides a day service to 40 adults.

Within the unit they strive to encourage service users to achieve independence in a variety of areas by providing appropriate training and support. A holistic, person centred service is provided. Each individuals needs are identified through assessment and consultation and the service then strives to provide appropriate supports to enable the individual to acquire new skills and increased independence.
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St. Anthony’s Unit –
Sensory Garden

The concept of the multi sensory garden evolved when 8 years ago the multi sensory room in St. Anthony's Unit was completed. Following consultation with staff, service users and members of the Ladies Committee, it was agreed that a multi sensory garden should be the next venture. The multi sensory concept embraces the 5 senses


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Sheltered Occupational Services

Co. Wexford Community Workshop (Enniscorthy) Limited provides Sheltered Occupation Services to approx. 65 people with disabilities. Services Users in this area are being offered a more holistic and person-centred service incorporating work as only one element giving them opportunities to develop different skills at their own pace and liking.
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Self Advocacy

The four main principles of Advocacy are empowerment, autonomy, inclusion and citizenship and these are fostered through Self Advocacy Training and the Self Advocacy Committee in CWCW. Advocacy helps the service users to speak up for themselves, put forward their views and gain more control of their lives. It provides them with a mechanism whereby their needs, rights, opinions and hopes are taken seriously and acted upon.
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