Hanging Pots

Hanging Pots is why you are here

hanging pots 007 (2)

  • Do you want to add colour all year round
  • Beat the Jone's – Create real colour
  • Support disabled in the work place
  • Create sustainable jobs in Ireland

At Bloomnpots.com our job was to:

  • Create a product that can be sold and used worldwide
  • Create sustainable employment
  • Create a product that can withstand Irish weather

What we achieved:

  • A Pot Hanger that anyone can make
  • A Pot Hanger that will generate funds to support people with disabilities
  • A Pot Hanger that works either on a bracket or on a nail in the worst Irish weather for years.
  • A Pot Hanger that works for herbs, fruit and flowers, giving you instant pleasure ALL YEAR ROUND




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