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jewellery drawerFed up with clutter in the drawers ?

100 ladies surveyed said they clutter up drawers with Jewellery collected over a life time, and never want to throw old stuff out. So we decided to try and find a solution. From those surveyed:

  • 80% keep everything in boxes or drawers
  • 100% would like to see with ease what they have
  • 10% loose or break Jewellery because of clutter
  • 22% have tried to buy Jewellery displays but found them cost prohibitive.

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This unit is 2 foot by 4 foot and holds:

  • 32 pairs of ear rings
  • 16 large bracelets
  • 64 single hanging necklaces – up to 192

So our question to you is WOULD YOU BUY one of these:

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What price would you put on the Jewelery Holder that can hold 192 neckless's 16 bracelet's and 32 sets of ear rings?
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